Secrets to Making $ 100 a Day with Google Adsense

Last year, I told you what it’s like to have an iLifeStyle life, the advantages and possibilities of creating a digital venture and living exclusively on the Internet. In this documentary I knew the history of Jonathan Taioba, someone whose work I admired, but I came to admire it even more after I knew what he had been through.

He began his web career in mid-2007, but only two years later decided to devote himself entirely to online business. Before he does well working from home (or wherever he wants, as long as he has the Internet) Jonathan earns $ 700 a month and works 8 hours a day. When he got home, after a long and tiring day at work, he did not have the breath to devote himself to anything else. Until one day, when he least expected it, he was fired. With just over $ 2,000 in his pocket, he lived for three months and sought options to support himself.

In the process of finding a source of income, he ended up trying to make money from a blog. And he soon discovered that it was not simple. If you have a blog, you’ve probably been through it or you’re going through it …

Once upon a time a blog …

The story goes something like this: you start a small blog, trying to spend as little as possible. Produce content, advertise to friends and begin the first few visits. You optimize the SEO of the site, work on social networks and the number of visitors grows. You start to get famous, have several visitors from Brazil all coming in contact with you, giving suggestions, criticism and praise.

Some of these comments talk about the site design, which leaves a bit to be desired. You think about it, resolves to invest a little in the look of the blog and ends up spending some money, even without return yet. The visits increase, you get carried away and continue the work. Visits continue to increase, your hosting server does not support and occasionally the site goes offline. Hence you decide to change your hosting plan and your costs increase.

Meanwhile, nothing to monetize your blog …

You place Google Adsense ads and you do not get good results. It creates a media kit to sell advertising, but hardly anyone appears – and whoever appears does not want to pay for what’s there. Sometimes they offer bargains that, although legal, do not help to pay the bills. Does TIM, OI, Claro or Vivo let me pay my 3G account with restaurant vouchers? You decide to sell products or make events, but end up having more work than return.

The interesting thing is that all these business models work because there are several blogs making money in one form or another. You’re just doing something wrong …

Jonathan Taioba found a way …

Taioba went through difficulties like this, but did not give up (unlike most bloggers). Between a tip here, advice there and several tests, managed to finally make money from your blog. And using Google Adsense, that a lot of people try and can not get past cents a day.

After successfully applying knowledge in several different blogs, he decided to help other people to make money with blogs. Created a step method that can be applied by anyone interested in having a blog and making money using Google Adsense. The method goes from the choice of the niche, to the receipt of payments, through the creation of the blog, production of content and dissemination.

The method has turned into a course and was called Adsense Secrets, which can help you to earn $ 100 a day with a blog. It applies both to those who do not yet have a blog yet as to who already has and want to monetize with Google Adsense. I am a Taioba student and I can say that the material is first class.

In fact, I will leave here a video of me talking about this course, if you want to understand it in a practical way. Then I’ll explain step by step here in this post. Check it:

High Paying Affiliate Programs: The Ultimate List

Almost every highly successful affiliate marketer, generates the bulk of their income from high paying affiliate programs.

Many affiliate’s around the globe have created successful affiliate marketing websites.

Building six and even seven-figure businesses from promoting products and services online through the business model of affiliate marketing.


Some Interesting Figures On Affiliate Marketing

An independent survey commissioned by the Rakuten Affiliate Network has revealed that the affiliate marketing industry in the US grew to $4.7 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to $6.8 Billion by the year 2020.

We’re talking crazy figures here. Affiliate marketing is officially becoming a mainstream marketing channel for businesses all over the world.

Some of most interesting takeaways from the survey: 

  • 90% of advertisers stated that affiliate programs were either “important” or “very important” to their overall marketing strategy.
  • The majority of publishers revealed that affiliate marketing drove more than 20% of annual company revenue.
  • Over 80% of advertisers and 84% of publishers surveyed run some form of affiliate program.

“The biggest positive change i’ve seen has been the change of perception around affiliate, from spammy, bottom-feeder sites to ones like ours, where we’re focused on a great user experience. Two years ago, a CMO wouldn’t go to his board and say, ‘We’re doing great in affiliate!’ but now they see it delivering” – Vice president, sales at US-based online publisher

Why You Should Be Exclusively Focusing On High Paying Affiliate Programs

The best affiliate programs are the ones that offer high-ticket products for you to promote. These type of affiliate programs are the bread and butter for the super affiliate marketers of today.

Many of the higher priced items sold through these top affiliate programs are products that are introduced to the customer after they make their first or second purchase.

A common misconception with high-ticket products in affiliate marketing is that it is so much harder to make that sale if the product is higher in price. Say $1000 (for example).

Something that might come as a shock to a lot of people is that it’s actually EASIER to sell higher priced items compared to their bargain bucket counterparts.

Let me explain:

For examples sake, let’s say you’re going for a million dollars in a year.

To achieve this nice round number that contains many zeros, you’ll need to sell 50,000 copies of a product that costs $20.

That’s a shitload of ebooks.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re promoting a product that costs $1000, you’ll only need to sell 1000 to hit the 1 million mark.

If the products costs $4000 the number goes down to just 250.

I know what i’d rather focus on 🙂

People Are Willing To Invest

The internet is full of people that are willing to invest good money into either things they want or problems they want solved in their lives.

On average, the people that are looking to invest in these high-ticket products are more realistic and less demanding.

You won’t have to deal with push-button seekers that are looking for one “weird trick” to get rich.

Personally, i’d much rather dedicate time to promoting quality products that are actually going to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

None of this hypey, pie in the sky nonsense.

The bottom line is that it takes roughly the same amount of marketing effort to get exponentially higher results when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Which Affiliate Programs Are Worth Their Salt?

So I had a look around the internet and discovered a severe lack of information on high paying affiliate programs so I decided to compile a comprehensive list as a resource for you beautiful readers. 🙂

I’d also like to mention that the following top affiliate programs are ones that have been verified as legit.

There are tons of so called high ticket programs out there that are all talk and no trousers.

I’ve completed some extensive research and picked out the top ten affiliate programs I found on my internet travels, in no particular order.

It’s worth noting that this list represents a tiny, minuscule percentage of affiliate programs available.

I highly recommend doing your own research into niches that you find interesting, then you can align yourself with an affiliate program that you think is awesome.

Alternatively you may find something on this list that fits you perfectly, read on!

High Paying Affiliate Programs: The Ultimate List

1. The Six Figure Mentors

how to start an online business

Strictly speaking, this isn’t an affiliate program as such. I would describe it as more of a digital business system, and one that I openly promote myself because of the sheer life-changing value it provides.

It is a highly unique platform that has by far the highest paying commissions I have ever come across.

The Six Figure Mentors is a training and mentorship platform that prepares you for every aspect of online entrepreneurship.

Helping to empower you with the digital skill sets and leadership mindsets you need to succeed in the online arena.

They provide a step-by-step, modular training program taught by top business leaders to students from all over the world.

The courses they offer are designed for members to lay the proper foundations for their online business, essentially avoiding many of the obstacles and financial errors that people tend to make when starting out as an entrepreneur.

The SFM also houses a community of like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs which is something that can be invaluable on your journey to success.

This is something perfect for the aspiring entrepreneur looking for their first online opportunity.

You’ll learn powerful business mindsets as well as marketing skills that will enable you to effectively sell products online.

You also have the ability to promote the system itself to business opportunity seekers and generate an income through their high paying affiliate program.

Key points of their high paying affiliate program:

  • Up to $8000 commissions per sale! (Yes really)
  • Cutting-edge marketing and business skill set training modules.
  • Lifetime customers. Recurring monthly as well as yearly affiliate commissions.
  • You’re assigned your own digital business coach to assist you with any questions you may have.
  • Access to a digital skills platform. Lead capture page creator. Web hosting. Blogging platforms.

This is quite honestly a value explosion, there is just too much to list.

We have partnered up with these guys as affiliates because we truly believe in the transformational value they provide.

2. Regal Assets

high paying affiliate programs

Regal Assets are a huge company based out in the US that specialise in precious metal investment. Precious gold and silver baby!

They are an INC 500 listed company, having received accreditations from various organisations and have a fantastic reputation for great service in the industry.

Key points of their high paying affiliate program:

  • The average transaction ranges between $18,000 – $85,000. The company clearly attracts people that are looking to invest with some serious money.
  • As an affiliate you earn a 3% commission on sales. This might seem very low but do the maths on 3% of $50,000!
  • Your referred customer is your customer for life. If your customers makes any future purchases, you still get paid commissions.
  • They provide lead-capture forms and ad creatives for you to use on your website.
  • You can become a super affiliate and earn increased commissions.

Other precious metal affiliate programs:

American Bullion – $30 per lead. $60 per call. 3% of direct sales (so a $100,000 investment would net you a tidy $3000).

How to Earn $200-$400 Daily with Affiliate Marketing?

How to Earn $200-$400 Daily from Affiliate Marketing?

This is almost never shared on web, even the gurus made it a secret. I found it quite few days ago and now sharing it with you. Also I would more posts with awesome information which can work for you to generate money fast and easily with low investment.

May be at start, a $30 would also sound very much for you. But once you’ll start banking profits, they’ll be recovered within a day.

The method I’m gonna share requires a bit of basic skills of monitoring traffic, English writing skills and a bit of patience too.

Also one note you should make that I don’t give any guarantee of profit. You can generate even $1000 a day or $0 per day with this. If you work smart, then you’ll profit for sure. So read it carefully. Continue lendo “How to Earn $200-$400 Daily with Affiliate Marketing?”

7 Apps You Probably Didn’t Know Can Earn You Extra Money

1. Foap

Download links: Android | iOS

This is an app that allows you to make money by taking photos. You can charge as much as you like per photo, which means that your money-making opportunities through Foap are virtually limitless. People are always looking for a huge variety of photos, and you may be surprised at how much money you can make with a photo of your cat.

2. Bookscouter

Download links: Web-Based

If you have old books you want to get rid of, use this app to sell them. Scan the barcodes with your smartphone, and Bookscouter will let you see comparisons of payouts from more than 20 book buyback companies. Once you find the best offer, fill out some information about where payments should be sent, and ship the books to the buyback companies.

3. Fieldagent

Download links: Android | iOS

This is a great app that can help you earn money. From the main navigation window you can locate jobs through the “Jobs List” or through the ”Map View.” Select a job to see additional details and accept it. Once a job has been selected, you will have two hours to complete the task. Be sure you’re near the objective before you start the task.

4. Cash For Laptop

Download links: Web-Based

You can make extra money by selling your old laptop, and this app will let you do it. Simply select the type of device you wish to sell, add a description of the device, pack it up and ship it (free of charge), and get paid with a cheque or Paypal.

5. Expensify

Download links: Android | iOS

If you are having problems with your expense reports, you can save time and money by using Expensify. This app lets you capture receipts, track time and mileage, track business travel, create expense reports, and more. Using this app will allow you to get these things done quickly, so you can spend more time actually making money.

6. Ibotta

Download links: Android | iOS

Take photos of your receipts and receive rebates using this app. Sign up for a free account, download the mobile app, and click on “Rebates”. Here you will find loads of great offers. Rebates will vary depending on the product and the promotion.

7. Casual

Download links: Web-Based

You might be surprised, but the project management app Casual saves a great amount of money by helping reduce fails with deadlines and problems with the team. Casual helps handle tasks and projects in a new way: plan your tasks just by drawing them as flowcharts. Amazing feature is that Casual helps visualize dependencies between tasks. Become much more productive by using it.

Best Apps to Make Money in 2017

These are the best apps to make money in 2017. You can use these Android and iPhone apps to make money on the side while you shop for groceries, run errands and wait in lines. Some of these apps will even help you make money from home.

You need to watch out for catches, but there isn’t a catch with these options. When you use one of the best apps to make money you can help pad your wallet, fund your movie watching and even pay for a dinner out.

Some of the best apps to make money on the side will pay you in cash, normally via PayPal. Others will offer rewards and points that you can redeem for gift certificates or airline miles. In addition to making money, you should check out the best apps to save money.

The best apps to make money on your iPhone or Android.

The best apps to make money on your iPhone or Android.

Every money making app on this list does let you earn money, but you will need to earn a minimum before you cash out in many cases.

  1. iBotta
  2. Pact
  3. Google Opinion Rewards
  4. eBates
  5. Gig Walk
  6. Offer Up
  7. Mercari
  8. Foap
  9. Clashot
  10. Shopkick
  11. Fronto
  12. SlideJoy
  13. Mobee
  14. Task Rabbit
  15. Uber
  16. Lyft
  17. Upwork
  18. Indeed

We’ve earned over $100 with one of the money making apps, a neighbor earned almost $300 just by working out and with another our family already has $30 in just over a month.

You can download these money making apps on iPhone and Android for free, without any fees to get started.

Make Money With Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is one of the most convenient ways to make additional money from your website.

All you do is copy some code into your site to display the ads, and you earn every time someone clicks. You may also earn from impressions in some cases.

All this is derived from a program they call AdWords (pay per click marketing).

You often see these ads displayed above the free/organic results and along the right side of the page on

These are called Sponsored Results, and the advertisers are paying a certain amount of money per click for these ads.

AdSense is your revenue share from AdWords ads. When someone clicks, you earn roughly 68% of the click and Google gets the rest.

AdSense is an auction-based system that allows advertisers to compete for those spots. Whomever has the highest bid and most “quality” ad, gets the top spot and so forth.

It’s a great program that can help drive additional income to your website, and it’s really best for websites that are mainly content driven.

The more content you have, the more Google can get a sense for what your site is about and better match the ads to your website.

Please make sure you read this entire article. AdSense is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it takes a lot of work to make money. Don’t think that just because you join, you are guaranteed to make big money.

How Much Can You Earn With AdSense?

The commission you receive per click depends on how much advertisers are paying Google for the particular ad. You will earn a share of that amount.  I’ve heard of earnings anywhere from 2 cents to $15 per click.

Getting over $1 is probably very rare, although it does happen from time to time. However, you will find that most of your earnings will be on the lower end of the spectrum.

It’s important to note that I cannot estimate how much you will earn based on your traffic. People always want to know what the average amount is per click.

No one knows the answer to this except Google, so don’t let anyone try to tell you any different. It would be impossible for myself or any AdSense publisher to give this information because the ads all cost different prices and we have no idea what advertisers are paying.

However, there are some niches that obviously pay more. So it is logical to believe that keyword phrases like sex, make money, etc. may earn you more per click since these are highly competitive keywords that are searched for quite a bit on

Even though Google will not reveal how much you are earning for each ad that is clicked from your site, you can still login to your account at any time and see the total amount of revenue you’ve generated that day, week, month, year, etc.

For example, if you see that you’ve made $12.60 today from 9 clicks then you can calculate that your average click-thru commission was $1.40 per click.  That’s as detailed as their stats will get.  Also remember, that’s only an average.  You won’t know how much each specific ad brought in.

The amount you’ll earn also depends largely on the amount of targeted traffic you receive to your own site, how well the ads match your audience’s interests, the placement of the ads on your pages, and of course the amount you receive per click.

Ideally, you should create a site on a topic you know a lot about.  That way you’ll have a much easier time creating a generous amount of content on that subject.

My Google AdSense Earnings

AdSense CheckI have been receiving monthly checks from Google since 2003. My earnings are usually in the mid 4-figures.

My sites have been around for a long time and I have a great deal of traffic so that’s a big reason why I earn 4 digits per month.

AdSense changed their terms and you can no longer show your earnings unless you show the finalized report. But just to be safe (they’ve been disabling a lot of accounts lately and I don’t want to take that chance), I’ve blurred out my report.

Adsense Earnings 2014

I promote my sites on social media, create YouTube videos, get traffic from Google, etc. Making a lot of money with AdSense is all about numbers. The more traffic you have, the greater the earning potential.

My checks weren’t always this large.  I think my first month’s earnings in 2003 totaled less than $20. However, as my traffic increased, so did my checks.

I cannot emphasize this enough. AdSense is NOT an overnight get-rich-quick opportunity. Even though this may look easy, please don’t underestimate the amount of work I’ve put into my sites over the years.

You should also DIVERSIFY your income and earn money in other ways like I do with affiliate marketing, etc. Why? Because AdSense income is not stable. It fluctuates greatly from month to month.

Creating Your Website for AdSense

Before you even begin your site, make sure you’ve come up with a topic that you feel you know plenty about.  That way it will be easiest to write a lot of content.

The more content you have, the better chance you have getting accepted into the program.  Also, the more content and traffic, the greater the earning potential.

If you want to make a lot of money, prepare to write a lot of content and learn how to market your site. Don’t expect to throw up a 10 page site and make $1,000 per month. That’s unrealistic.

Creating Your Site

Get a domain ( and then sign up for a web host and build your  pages. I highly recommend using WordPress to create your site because you just pick a theme and your site is up and running.

Once you have selected your theme, you can add AdSense ads by either using a free AdSense plugin or you can use the WordPress Text widget to easily add ads to your sidebar.

How to Join AdSense

Once you have 20-30 pages on your site, go to to apply.

When you are accepted, simply copy and paste the provided HTML code into any page that you’d like to show the ads. You can opt to display text ads, image ads, or a combination of both. It’s up to you.

You can either display the ads vertically along side the page like Google does or in a banner-like formation horizontally across your pages.  You can even customize the colors to match your site’s theme.

Make Money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising program that allows you to run ads on your website or blog, or YouTube videos, and get paid when when visitors click on them. The ads are generated from businesses that use Google’s AdWords program.

The Google AdSense program has several great advantages including:

  • It’s free to join.
  • Eligibility requirements are easy, which means you can monetize your website or blog even when it’s new.
  • There are a variety of ad options and several you can customize to fit the look and feel of your site.
  • Google pays monthly (if you meet the $100 threshold) by direct deposit.
  • You can run ads on several websites from one AdSense account.
  • There are options to run ads on mobile devices and RSS feeds.
  • You can easily add it to your YouTube and Blogger accounts.

With that said, there are a few drawbacks to AdSense as well:

  • Google can terminate your account in an instant, and it’s not very forgiving if you break the rules.
  • Like all forms of online income, you need targeted traffic in order to make money.
  • When people click on an AdSense ad, you do make some money, but your visitor also leaves your site.
  • It doesn’t necessarily pay more than other similar programs.


AdSense is a great monetization option, but it’s not a get-rich-quick or make-money-doing-nothing option. Further, Google has a lot of rules that aren’t always noticed upfront.

As a result, many website owners found out the hard way that they’d violated a Google policy, and have lost their account forever.

Types of AdSense Ads

Google offers a variety of ad types to run on your website:

  • Text ads use words, either as an Ad Unit (one offer) or a Link Unit (list of offers), and come in a variety of sizes. You can customize the color of the box, text and link.
  • Image ads are graphic ads. They come in a variety of sizes. You can choose an option that mixes both text and image ads.
  • Flash
  • Video
  • Rich media ads include HTML, Flash or other interactive feature.
  • Audio
  • AdSense for Search allows you to have a Google search box on your site. When a user enters a term and conducts a search, a search results page opens with AdSense ads. You can customize the color scheme of the search results page to harmonize with your web site.

Google AdSense Payments

Google pays monthly through direct deposit or check, but will not issue an AdSense payment until your earnings reach or exceed $100. If you don’t earn it in one month, your earnings roll over and are added to the next month. Each time you reach the $100 threshold, Google will issue a payment on the next payment period. Through your AdSense account, you can see your current earnings, what ads are generating the most clicks, and more.

Making Money with AdSense

Making a significant amount of money with AdSense requires a plan. Here are tips for maximizing AdSense revenue:

  • Read and adhere to Google’s rules. Webmasters must comply with Google’s webmaster policies as well as the AdSense program policy.
  • Don’t click on your own ads or ask others to click on them. Incentivizing clicks, buying Pay Per Click (PPC) space, or using a program designed to drive traffic to AdSense pages are against the rules.
  • Have great content your target market wants to read.
  • Use honest, organic traffic building website promotion techniques, especially search engine optimization and article marketing.
  • Test ad types and placement to find the options that lead to the most income.
  • Read email from Google, especially if it’s sending a warning about something it doesn’t like on your site. Failure to deal with Google’s complaints will lead to termination of the program.

Dealing with Competitors’ or Questionable Advertisements

If you offer products or services on your website, you may find that some ads Google delivers come from your competitors. Another issue that can occur is ads that may not be completely legitimate or they might offend your market. To prevent these offers from showing up on your site, Google AdSense allows you to specify up to 200 URLs you want to bar from appearing on your site.

The challenge of this is two-fold.

  1. You don’t know what ads are running on your site until you see them there. Plus, with each page load, and depending on the visitors browsing history, the ad may not show up again or it might appear in a different spot.
  2. Since you can’t click on your own links (to the get the URL), you need to be careful about obtaining the URL to block. The best way is to right click the link, select “Copy Link Address,” and paste it into a document or text editor (i.e. Notepad). The Google URL is really long, but you’re looking for the section that identifies the advertiser. Copy that link, and paste into your AdSense blocked ads account.

Other Programs Besides AdSense

There are many ad network programs similar to AdSense, such as and InfoLinks. Some might require a traffic threshold, so you’d need to wait until your site was established. Most have similar rules to Google, such as a limit to the number of the network’s ads per page (usually 3) and termination for clicking your own ads. In most cases, you can run different ad networks on your site without violating terms of service, but you’ll want to read the rules of each network before doing it. Further, you want to avoid your site becoming so overwhelmed with ads that your readers can’t find the content.

These Are the Best-Paying Internships in America

Most teenagers are happy if they earn $10 an hour at their summer job, but the lucky few who land an internship at Facebook Inc. will be pulling in $8,000 a month. The social media company offers America’s best-paying internships, according to a new survey by Glassdoor.

Tech companies dominated the salary website’s ranking of the 25 most lucrative internships, taking 8 of the top 10 spots. To compile the list, Glassdoor reviewed companies that had at least 25 median monthly salary reports for U.S.-based interns from April 2016 to April 2017.

Banks didn’t rank nearly as high as the tech companies. Bank of America Corp.’s median monthly pay was $4,570, and Deutsche Bank AG offered $4,640, Glassdoor found.

The study generally echoed a survey of Silicon Valley interns conducted last year by Rodney Folz. Folz’s results for Facebook and Microsoft Corp. were almost identical to those of Glassdoor. He found that interns were paid a median of $6,000 a month at Intuit Inc., compared with the $5,440 Glassdoor quoted, and his finding for Google interns was slightly higher than Glassdoor’s. While Folz’s data focused on internships in the engineering, management, and design sectors, Glassdoor’s included internships in a variety of fields, such as client services, human resources, and advertising operations.

The highest-paying non-tech company on the list was Exxon Mobil Corp., which came in third with a median monthly paycheck of $6,507. A former intern praised the oil company for its focus on professional development and management style.

In addition to the generous paychecks, some interns had their lodging, meals, and transportation covered. Since many of these internships are based in the San Francisco area, where rents are notoriously high, free housing is a major perk.

The national average wage index is $48,098, or about $4,000 a month. That’s half the salary of a Facebook intern.

How to Make Money with Your Blog

You want to make money, right? Of course you do. Everyone wants – and needs -to make money. So you started a blog since you’ve heard it’s an easy way to make cash, but you’re not quite sure how to actually make money doing it. Or maybe you already have a blog and you’re exploring ways to monetize it.

No matter which group you’re in, making money with a blog – whether it’s a hobby blog or a business blog –is possible. It’s not a get rich quick ordeal, but if you do it right, you could make enough to support your family and more. Let’s dive in and see how you can make a profit with your blog.

Continue lendo “How to Make Money with Your Blog”

How to Make Money Blogging

If you’ve ever wondered how to make money blogging, you’ve come to the right place. As a 13-year veteran blogger making six figures a year, I’ll explain how bloggers make money.

By choice, I work part time and I don’t have a team (well, unless you count my teenage daughter who does a few data entry-type tasks on the weekends). In other words, you don’t have to be a big blogger who built an impressive company to make money blogging. Continue lendo “How to Make Money Blogging”