Secrets to Making $ 100 a Day with Google Adsense

Last year, I told you what it’s like to have an iLifeStyle life, the advantages and possibilities of creating a digital venture and living exclusively on the Internet. In this documentary I knew the history of Jonathan Taioba, someone whose work I admired, but I came to admire it even more after I knew what he had been through.

He began his web career in mid-2007, but only two years later decided to devote himself entirely to online business. Before he does well working from home (or wherever he wants, as long as he has the Internet) Jonathan earns $ 700 a month and works 8 hours a day. When he got home, after a long and tiring day at work, he did not have the breath to devote himself to anything else. Until one day, when he least expected it, he was fired. With just over $ 2,000 in his pocket, he lived for three months and sought options to support himself.

In the process of finding a source of income, he ended up trying to make money from a blog. And he soon discovered that it was not simple. If you have a blog, you’ve probably been through it or you’re going through it …

Once upon a time a blog …

The story goes something like this: you start a small blog, trying to spend as little as possible. Produce content, advertise to friends and begin the first few visits. You optimize the SEO of the site, work on social networks and the number of visitors grows. You start to get famous, have several visitors from Brazil all coming in contact with you, giving suggestions, criticism and praise.

Some of these comments talk about the site design, which leaves a bit to be desired. You think about it, resolves to invest a little in the look of the blog and ends up spending some money, even without return yet. The visits increase, you get carried away and continue the work. Visits continue to increase, your hosting server does not support and occasionally the site goes offline. Hence you decide to change your hosting plan and your costs increase.

Meanwhile, nothing to monetize your blog …

You place Google Adsense ads and you do not get good results. It creates a media kit to sell advertising, but hardly anyone appears – and whoever appears does not want to pay for what’s there. Sometimes they offer bargains that, although legal, do not help to pay the bills. Does TIM, OI, Claro or Vivo let me pay my 3G account with restaurant vouchers? You decide to sell products or make events, but end up having more work than return.

The interesting thing is that all these business models work because there are several blogs making money in one form or another. You’re just doing something wrong …

Jonathan Taioba found a way …

Taioba went through difficulties like this, but did not give up (unlike most bloggers). Between a tip here, advice there and several tests, managed to finally make money from your blog. And using Google Adsense, that a lot of people try and can not get past cents a day.

After successfully applying knowledge in several different blogs, he decided to help other people to make money with blogs. Created a step method that can be applied by anyone interested in having a blog and making money using Google Adsense. The method goes from the choice of the niche, to the receipt of payments, through the creation of the blog, production of content and dissemination.

The method has turned into a course and was called Adsense Secrets, which can help you to earn $ 100 a day with a blog. It applies both to those who do not yet have a blog yet as to who already has and want to monetize with Google Adsense. I am a Taioba student and I can say that the material is first class.

In fact, I will leave here a video of me talking about this course, if you want to understand it in a practical way. Then I’ll explain step by step here in this post. Check it:

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